February 2014, Cape Town - In aid of TEARS

AUXAN is proud to be able to relate the success of our first project to help a rescue centre in difficulty on 4th February 2014. After having worked as a volunteer on two occasions (in 2009 and 2010) in a shelter for dogs and cats near the biggest township of the Cape Town area in South Africa, Jennifer chose TEARS ( as first beneficiary in 2014. TEARS is a non-profit association for the protection of animals. AUXAN’s aid consisted in buying and collecting medical supplies to help the centre’s 2 vets to operate on the animals in the shelter as well as on stray cats and dogs in the area. This was part of a widespread campaign to sterilise animals in optimal conditions. For a month, AUXAN contacted the wholesalers of the medical supplies used by vets and/or doctors and hospitals (in Switzerland, France and Belgium) to collect essential medical and surgical equipment. This included supplies such as bandages, compresses, sterile gloves, surgical instruments, absorbable and non-absorbable suture, etc., at an estimated worth of 6,000 euros. Added to this was the purchase of an endoscope and a cauterizer.