Do you only offer services for dogs?

No, Palmetto Scoopers offers a variety of waste management solutions for all pets! Common pets include: dogs, cats, geese/duck.

After I book, what next?

A member of our team will contact you within 24 hours, to confirm your details and schedule your service plan.

What is your billing process?

At the end of your service plan, each client will be sent an invoice with the amount due. The credit card you place on file will be automatically debited six days after receiving their service renewal invoice.

Can my dog be left out while you service?

Dogs are to be inside during their cleanings unless we’ve met the dogs during the initial cleaning service visit to ensure that the pets are friendly and won’t attempt to escape out of the yard.

Does my lawn need to be cut?

It is required that grass be below ankle height to ensure our service team’s safety and to thoroughly check each client's yard.

What if the weather is bad on my service date?

In the event of inclement weather conditions, your service visit will be rescheduled to the following business day.

Can I cancel or pause my service?

Clients can pause or cancel their services through our client portal. Clients can email, call, or text our service number to cancel or pause their services.