March 2015, Istres - In aid of the “Ecole du Chat Istréen"

The “Ecole du Chat Istréen” is an association created in September 2007 for the defence of stray animals in the problem estates in the town of Istres. After being contacted by this association, AUXAN decided to offer its support to a project involving the construction of a shelter for stray cats. The “Ecole du Chat Istréen” The “Ecole du Chat Istréen”’s mission is to ensure the protection, control of reproduction, neutering, tattooing and follow-up of the health and dietary needs of the cats in the underprivileged areas of the town. There is an efficient network of dedicated volunteers on the spot, who take care of sterilising and tattooing the cats, which are kept for a few days before being released. The volunteers then continue to feed them in their own environment. Since they are neutered and fed, they are no longer a nuisance to the local inhabitants – no more unpleasant smells when they mark their territory, no more noisy cat fights, no more miaowing during the mating season. This strategy makes for better harmony between felines and humans. Construction of the shelter Thanks to an agreement with the local administration, the “Ecole du Chat Istréen” was able to build an enclosure (with a cat flap so that the feral cats could come and go), keeping the cats safe from dogs and other dangers and to be fed without fear of their food being eaten by other predators. This kind of shelter also provides refuge from the cold in winter and from the sun in summer. AUXAN made a donation which enabled the volunteers to build shelters within the enclosure, part of which was always in the shade, using polycarbonate. This material provides good isolation from the cold, while allowing light and heat to go through it. Thanks to this modest donation, the little protégés in Istres will be able to enjoy a better life. L’Ecole du Chat Istréen Email : Site: Facebook : Ecole-Du-Chat-Istréen

May 2017, Segura (near Toulouse) - In aid of the association “ARIEJO APADS”

AUXAN decided to help a retired couple who, although discreet and modest, are at the same time exceptional in their devotion to those in need!

Aimé lives in the Ariège, a lovely part of France where unfortunately cases of abandoned animals and ill-treatment are nevertheless omnipresent. Further to being made redundant following a serious illness, Aimé took advantage of his situation to embark on a project in an area that he had always been passionate about – animal welfare. As a tribute to two cats that he had rescued and which had contributed to both his physical and psychological recovery from his illness, he decided to devote the rest of his life to saving other animals.

As a voluntary investigator for the SPA for 6 years, he was very affected by one of his last investigations, where he witnessed an unbearable degree of cruelty and which persuaded him to continue his fight against cruelty to animals in a personal capacity.

Aimé and his wife Patricia have a property with plenty of land, which they decided to use for rescue animals, creating areas where the numerous survivors of ill-treatment and/or death can shelter. These include 40 ewes, 2 Ouessant sheep, 2 Pyrenean goats, 3 pygmy goats, 2 cockerels, 4 hens, 1 pony, 30 stray cats and 14 tame cats, 2 horses, 5 dogs and 1 Vietnamese pig.

You can imagine the amount of food needed to nourish all these animals! The retired couple find it difficult to make ends meet with all the expenses for food, and also veterinary care for the ageing animals, which often suffer from chronic illnesses.

AUXAN therefore decided not only to help them pay their veterinary bills, but also to provide more long-term support by assisting them in setting up their own association in order to benefit from association status and claim financial aid. We are happy to report that in July 2015, the association ARIEJO APADS was created, recognised as being for the common good.

A few pictures of this haven of peace for abandoned animals, rescued from ill-treatment