May 2015, Payerne - In aid of the association “SOS Chiens Polaires”

The president of AUXAN, who has always been fascinated by huskies, was much affected by the death of one of these dogs some years ago in a SPA (Society for the Protection of Animals) rescue centre in the region of Paris. This dog, who needed plenty of space and daily exercise, had been confined in a pen for too long and had had to be put down after an unsuccessful adoption. In memory of this poor dog, which had been shamefully abandoned, AUXAN felt the need to help others of the same breed. We had heard about a woman in the vicinity of Payerne who was a great lover of sled-dogs and who was determined to help them. Switzerland unfortunately does not escape from the lack of funds when it comes to the protection of animals, or indeed from people who abandon or ill-treat their pets!

In May 2015 the president of AUXAN visited “SOS Chiens Polaires” to meet and get to know its president, Carine, and to discover this “haven of peace” for abandoned sled-dogs. Following a resocialisation phase, the dogs take part in an impressive number of activities, in summer and winter alike, and notably with handicapped children. During the winter season, Carine proposes activities including dogsledding, “Husky d’fond” (cross-country skiing pulled by the sled-dogs) and snow-shoe trekking. The rest of the year she organises a whole lot of other activities such as rambling, “Agilty-Wouff” (obstacle courses), karting (with a kind of sled on wheels), “Canicross” and “Cani-Handicaps”! Carine is indeed a lady who is full of ideas and who gives her all to her protégés to ensure that the second part of their lives is full of physical exercise, love and care.

AUXAN donated half of the funds collected from the Lagoa-Auxan golf tournament on 24th May 2015 to “SOS Chiens Polaires” to cover part of the costs of surgery on Kaluna, one of the association’s dogs.

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October 2016, Bex - In aid of the Fondation M.A.R.T

In October 2016, we wished to bring our support to the Swiss Fondation M.A.R.T. Based only on volunteering, the M.A.R.T Fondation (Movement for Animals and Respect of the Land), originally an association, is very active in the field. In 2001, MART received the CUNEO Award from the SGPA in Geneva, for its actions in favour of animals. The main mission of the M.A.R.T Fondation is to act in the field of animal and environmental welfare. They organize various campaigns, such as environmental welfare of landscapes, biotope elements, but also intervene in case of animal maltreatment and/or torture. The Fondation wishes to build awareness of the necessity to respect nature and our environment, as well as to treat animals with respect and avoid cruelty. M.A.R.T has 4 fields of action: ANIMALS (domestic or farm animals), NATURE, INFORMATION CAMPAIGNS and LECTURES/CONFERENCES. The President of the M.A.R.T Fondation, Kate Amiguet, is very active and operational young woman. Courageous, she films animal cruelty behind the scenes, using various medias (videos, photos, WebTV « TVMart », etc.) to build awareness on the sad reality of any domestics and/or wild animals. Site web :

April 2017, Albeuve - In aid of LA RENARDIERE association

In October 2016, AUXAN helped the Swiss charity, « La Renardière », located between Gruyères and Château d’Oex, by paying some veterinary treatments. The « Renardière » association was recently created to ensure the sustainability of this animal heaven, with 3 hectares of land, in an idyllic alpine decor. In this « Heidiland » decor, 60 animals live in harmony (2 donkeys, 2 horses, 17 goast, 2 vietnamese pigs, 11 dogs of all breads and 25 cats). Most of those animals were rescued throughout the years and now live freely in exceptional conditions, with lots of care and affection. La Renardière is also sensitive to animal and environmental protection. Sometimes endangered wild animals (roe deers and foxes), find refuge in the animal heaven; once cured, the animals are set free. The president, Nicole, originally from Geneva, was fond of animals since she was a child and made her dream came true 18 years ago, even though this project is not easy to manage, due to high running costs and all the veterinary costs. AUXAN wants the association « La Renardière » to continue finding enough support amongst animal lovers to maintain this exceptional place. Website: