May 2015, La Celle Saint Cloud (France) - In aid of the association ARESP (“Aide aux Refuges d’Espagne”)

Having heard about the sad fate of the ever-increasing number of stray animals in Spain, largely due to the current economic situation there, the president of AUXAN was set on one day helping Spanish rescue centres. A fortnight before AUXAN’s first charitable event held near Lausanne (a golf tournament organised in collaboration with a Brazilian association in aid of an animal clinic in Rio), a young lady volunteer from ARESP contacted the president, through the intermediary of a friend from Vevey who is a vet, to ask for assistance. It seemed obvious that the request should be granted and it was decided to donate half of the funds collected from the golf tournament (held on 24th May at the Parc du Signal golf course in Bougy) to the ARESP. It was crucial to help finance the rescue of around forty Spanish cats and dogs. ARESP, which is composed of volunteers, does remarkable work in supporting rescue centres in Spain and helping them to place the most fortunate animals in homes in France and Switzerland. The association also promotes the sterilisation of both males and females as soon as the animals are old enough to undergo the operation. It condemns all forms of ill-treatment and attempts to find solutions for animals in need. ARESP is committed to helping the centres with which it “works”, both financially and materially, thanks to donations. ARESP works with host families (mostly in the Parisian region), which allows the animals to socialise and also gives them a better chance of finding a family that will keep them for good. Every adoption means that a place will be freed up to save another animal that is either in a shelter or which is in urgent need of help. The association is also developing in the French-speaking part of Switzerland, thanks to some volunteers, thereby saving a few more animals in distress.

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