October 2017, Caluire et Cuire - In aid of the association “Sans Croquettes Fixes”

AUXAN helped the association « Sans Croquettes Fixes », located in Caluire et Cuire (69), in France, which helps take care of stray animals or pets of people with financial difficulties. By helping cover the veterinary costs, we helped treat 3 cats : CACHOU, who was found in the Guillotière Cemetery in Lyon, VOYOU found in a garden in Caluire and SUSHI, who was living on a University Campus in Bron and found with 3 legs and immediately homed in a foster family. Website :

January 2017, France - In aid of the ONE VOICE association

In January 2017, AUXAN made a donation to ONE VOICE in order to help this non-profit organization continue to run campaigns and condemn animal cruelty. ONE VOICE is a pacifist association who defends « the right of animals to respect”.

January 2017, Meaux - In aid of the association HELENA

In May 2014, we helped the association HELENA, located in the region of Paris (Meaux), to pay some of their veterinary expenses for cats released from a pound. The association had received a call from a person asking if it was possible to retrieve a few cats…which turned out to be 55 cats to be rescued in one week! Assistance to the association in December 2015 In the winter of 2015, HELENA encountered considerable financial difficulties, due to their rescuing cats which were suffering from coryza. Owing to the serious condition of Lara, a kitten, the president of the association, Danielle, was unable to carry out all her activities at the same time – rescuing animals during the day, treating them in the evening and force-feeding two kittens with a serious form of coryza at two-hourly intervals. Thanks to AUXAN, Lara was sent to an animal clinic in the region of Paris (Val de Marne) for several weeks, where she was looked after 24 hours a day. She is now fully recovered and has been adopted. With only 14 members, HELENA unfortunately has neither the material means nor the financial resources to cope with such an affliction. Like a drop in the ocean, Danielle, who is 65, does what she can to rescue cats and find homes for the lucky ones, thanks to a partnership with a Parisian association which helps her to find people willing to adopt. In January 2017, AUXAN contributed to the veterinary costs of stray cats rescued by HELENA non-profit organization. Association Helena, BP 30014, 77101 MEAUX Cedex 1, France. Tel : + 33 1 64 34 69 64.

October 2015, on the Island of Ré - In aid of the association ADAF (“Association de Défense des Animaux Familiers”)

ADAF was founded 9 years ago by Michèle Coindeau. The association has no shelter or cattery, but feeds the island’s stray cats on private property with the consent of the owners. The most important feeding points are to be found on campsites (under mobile homes for example), when the managers of the campsite agree to this… The association especially tries to install shacks, tarpaulins, blankets, etc. in order to shelter its protégés. ADAF has around 10 voluntary members, half of whom take care of the feeding on-site. Almost 330 cats are fed by the association, not counting new kittens. Although a quarter of all the cats are neutered, at the end of every summer ADAF find itself with more cats, often not neutered, that have been abandoned by their owners during the holidays. When the strays are sociable enough, the association tries to get them adopted, but there is a sad lack of families willing to take in an animal in distress. People also contact ADAF for cases of ill-treatment (not only of cats, but also dogs and in one instance a ram…), abandonment and rescue, which lengthens the list of animals to be fed and looked after. The assistance offered by AUXAN enabled the payment of some of the outstanding invoices from the local vet.