COMING SOON: Sunday 18 November 2018, « Conference on medical assistance dogs», at the Foyer de Beausobre, in Morges

In collaboration with the Swiss association, « Farah Dogs », we are organising a Conference, open to the public and professionals, on medical assistance dogs on Sunday 18 November 2018 from 16:00-17:30, at the Foyer Beausobre in Morges. During this conference, you will discover what are medical assistance dogs, their domains of action (diabetes, epilepsy, autism) and their benefits with testimonials of local beneficiaries. For more information and to register:

May 2015, at the Parc du Signal de Bougy golf course (Canton of Vaud) - "Golf Tournament in Aid of Animals"

General information about the tournament:

Location: Venue: Parc du Signal de Bougy golf course, Switzerland

Date: Sunday, 24th May 2015

Organisers: Linda (President of the association VetLagoa) and Jennifer (President of the association AUXAN)

Number of participants: 99 golfers


followed by a buffet dinner with drinks and a prize-giving ceremony to the winners of the tournament and tombola


The charity golf tournament, “Lagoa-Auxan”, which took place on the Parc du Signal de Bougy golf course near Lausanne on Sunday 24th May 2015 was a resounding success. This was the very first event to be organised by the respective presidents of AUXAN and VetLagoa in the aim of gaining notoriety with the general public and to collect donations to finance concrete projects in the domain of animal welfare in Switzerland and other countries. The objectives were:

  • Gather together golf enthusiasts and animal lovers around a sporting event.

  • Give visibility to the project of building a veterinary clinic in 2015 in Lagoa (near Rio) in Brazil

  • Acquaint people with the association AUXAN

  • Raise funds to be distributed as follows: 70% for Linda’s project and 30% for AUXAN to support animal rescue centres in difficulty

The day before the tournament, we were obliged to refuse registrations for the competition as we had reached a record number of people registered – 99 golfers! We were lucky to have lovely weather on the day and the entire golf club turned out to oversee the smooth running of the competition. Since the golfers started off the course between 8 a.m. and 1 p.m., Linda had thought ahead and organised a gourmet break at the “Turn” with home-made Armagnac-tasting into the bargain! We took advantage of this break to ask the participants to take part in our tombola, to be held during the prize-giving ceremony at the end of the day. Jennifer invited the two associations that would be benefiting from part of the proceeds (30%) to come along, so Carine from the “SOS Chiens Polaires de Payerne” arrived with a rescued husky and Teshua, a volunteer from “ARESP”, was accompanied by a magnificent black dog rescued from ill-treatment in Spain. Carine and Teshua each had a stand where they could present their respective associations to the participants during the day.

The much-awaited prize-giving ceremony took place at 7 p.m. together with the confirmation of the support promised to each association. Thanks to the wonderful generosity of the golfers and our numerous sponsors, not to mention the golf club’s professional team, we were lucky enough to be able to award some very nice prizes to the 11 winners of the competition and to the winners of the tombola. A total amount of 7,300 Swiss francs was raised and distributed as agreed, i.e. 5,110 CHF for Linda’s project to help finance the recent construction of the LAGOA veterinary clinic in Brazil (and more particularly to pay for the electrical installations) and 2,190 CHF (30% of the total sum) for AUXAN. The latter then donated 1,110 CHF to “SOS Chiens Polaires de Payerne” (to help finance surgery on one of the dogs, Kaluna) and 1,100 euros to “ARESP” (to fund the rescue of 40 cats and dogs from Spain). Each of these associations was able to personally thank the participants and sponsors of the tournament for their support. Linda and Jennifer were delighted with the success of this first event, which had necessitated 9 months of preparation and which had given them the opportunity to work together in a domain precious to both of them – animal welfare – and to share their enthusiasm and passion with the local population.

Some of the photos of this competition can be found on the following link: